Captain Tom is a sustainable brand in many levels.

Our main fabric is ECONYL®

ECONYL®​ is a fabric created by the Italian company Aquafil. They collect synthetic waste (such as industrial plastic and fish nets) found in the Oceans. They recycle and transform it into nylon cord. After the nylon is tear it originates the regenerated fabric ECONYL®​. One more advantage of this regenerated of fabrics is that, after its no longer usable to wear, the items made from it, can be recycled!

We don't only use ECONYL®​​, we made a contract with this company.  We´ve received certification tags that will acompany all your orders so you know for certain that the item your are buying comes, in fact, from Ocean waste plastic! 

Handmade & Slow Fashion

All our items are handmade, either by the brand founder Raquel Tomaz, or by seamstresses in a small ethical factory, in the North of Portugal. We produce in small quantities, and make many re-stocks per year, so that we minimize the waste as much as possible, and don't have any dead stock left.

From our production's waste the brand founder, Raquel Tomaz, makes simple triangle bikinis called ´zero waste bikinis' in order to reduce the waste even more, remaining only pieces of fabric no bigger than a pencil.